The purpose of a terrorist is to create as much chaos, confusion, and destruction as possible with the intent of instilling terror in his targeted enemies.

Terrorists have no concern for their fellow man. They have no conscience, no concept of right and wrong, no moral compass. They have been trained to become uncaring killing machines.

People generally are not born with those tendencies. Such people have been created through various techniques used by such people as:

  • former psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man,
  • Moroccan psychiatrist Abu Hafiza, reported to be the mastermind behind the March 11, 2004, explosions in the Madrid, Spain, train station that left 191 dead, 1900 injured,
  • Franz Fenon, psychiatrist and terrorist, said, “Violence is a purifying force. It frees the native from his inferiority complex and despair and inaction. It makes him fearless and restores his self-respect.”

The list is endless.

What field other than psychiatry not only condones but actively sanctions destructive actions against individuals and groups?

Who else would encourage forcing drugs such as amphetamines and tranquilizers on hundreds of thousands of children to make them unfeeling perpetrators of murder and mayhem all over the world?

And let us not forget that shining example of man’s unbelievable inhumanity to man, the electroshock machine. Electrodes are attached to a person’s head and when the machine is turned on, hundreds of volts of electricity are shot into a person’s brain. How is this not torture? Any rational person who has seen a video of this barbaric practice administered by what appear to be medical personnel cannot help but be affected by the obvious cruelty of it.

Gordon Thomas, a veteran foreign affairs correspondent in 1989 who had observed similar unethical medical practices, said that “Nothing I had researched before could have prepared me for the dark reality of doctors who set out to deliberately destroy minds and bodies they were trained to heal.”

Here we are, decades later, wondering the same thing about current “medical” treatments whose results do unimaginably great harm the world over, and very little actual good.