Psychiatry Ruins Creativity

The subtitle for this Citizens Commission on Human Rights booklet is “Report and recommendations on psychiatry assaulting the arts.”

Artists are often a target for psychiatrists. In this publication, it states:

“The entire activity of psychiatry with its drugs and shocks invalidates individuals. The true artist, like the incomparable Judy Garland, inspires the beauty in all of us. Psychiatry and psychology deny it.”

Here is the outline:

Intro: A Message to Artists

Chapter One: Psychiatry and Film, A Fatal Attraction

    • JUSTIFYING MURDER – Nazi Psychiatry’s Killing Films
    • MARILYN MONROE – 1926-1962
    • A Madness in the Method

Chapter Two: Destroying Sanity

    • DIAGNOSTIC FRAUD – Selling Psychiatric ‘illness’ with Invented Disorders
    • VIVIEN LEIGH – 1913-1967
    • JUDY GARLAND – 1922-1969

Chapter Three: Cruel Electroshock, Destroying the Brain

    • THE ‘DEEP SLEEP’ – Deaths and Betrayal
    • FRANCES FARMER – 1914-1970

Chapter Four: Targeting the Icons of Jazz

    • A Message from Chick Corea

Chapter Five: Creating a Drugged Culture

    • Psychiatry’s Celebrity Drug Pusher
    • DRUGS AND VIOLENCE – Lives Destroyed [Phil Hartman][John Nash]
    • CURT COBAIN – 1967-1994

Chapter Six: The World Needs Artists


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