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Coercion and Restraint

It is not surprising that coercion and restraint are go-to methods used by psychiatrists, but these are often violent and sometimes deadly.
Fun fact: Did you know that thanks to psychiatry you can be legally kidnapped and committed, restrained, and drugged? There was even a plan which passed in the House of Representatives to make a US “Siberia” so you’d be taken off to somewhere in Alaska! Public outcry ultimately prevented it, but the laws that allow involuntary commitment still exist on the books!

The video is from the “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum.” You can tour the museum virtually on the site.

Brain Damage as Treatment

It is hard to believe that anyone could consider driving 2 icepicks into the brain by way of the eye sockets a “treatment” for anyone’s ills, imaginary or otherwise, yet this is exactly what Psychiatrist Dr. Walter J. Freeman was doing and selling from 1946 to 1967.


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The Ultimate Betrayal

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