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The following links are some of the brighter threads in the anti-psychiatry tapestry that has now been woven across the web. Most of these have further links for viewers to explore his increasingly widespread exposure of psychiatric evils.  Founded in 2001 by parents who had their own personal experiences with label and drug coercion by the U.S. education system, Ablechild has a personal commitment to inform, support, and unite others faced with the problem of labeling and drugging children. AbleChild provides the information necessary to make an educated decision regarding the “diagnosis” (or misdiagnosis) of your child and any medication prescribed. One of the main goals for people who go to this website is the reduction psychiatric medication and where possible, elimination of psychiatric and pain medication. The site supports those people with a unique combination of supplementation, organic diets, dedicated and personalized care management, investigative research into medical contributors, Chinese medicine, appropriate licensed counseling, and holistic modalities, with specific educational content to understand these therapies. They also provide lab testing and additional investigative processes to help uncover the root of one’s own individual symptoms.  The Antipsychiatry Coalition is a nonprofit volunteer group consisting of people who feel they have been harmed by psychiatry. This website warns viewers about the harm routinely inflicted on those who receive psychiatric “treatment”. Dr. Peter Breggin, Harvard trained psychiatrist and former consultant to the National
Institute of Mental Health, exposes the dangers of mood-altering drugs and the false biological theories behind what psychiatry calls “mental health.” The site provides extensive scientific resources. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights site has extensive information on the relatively horrifying philosophical, political, and practical history of psychiatry. It points out the extreme danger of psychiatric views and practices, particularly as they are coupled with the pharmaceutical industry. This organization also offers a venue for reporting psychiatric abuse and adverse pharmaceutical reactions. This site is created by the Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock in Texas and is a local as well as international coalition of citizens concerned about the harm done to individuals by the administration of electroconvulsive shock, ECT. They are committed
to abolishing this cruel and dangerous practice in Texas and they have already gotten legislation passed which bans the use of ECT on youth in Texas.

FDA.Gov/medwatch MedWatch is the FDA program for reporting serious reactions, product quality problems, and product use errors with human medical products such as drugs and medical devices. If you think you or someone in your family has experienced a serious negative reaction to a medical product or drug or to electric shock, you can take the reporting form they offer to your doctor (who is not required to report adverse reactions) or you can complete the form yourself on-line. Freedom Center is an award winning support, advocacy, and activism community in Western Massachusetts. Run by and for people labeled with mental disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia and borderline, the center works for access to holistic alternatives, compassionate care, and an end to forced psychiatric treatment. Mind Freedom International is an independent non-profit coalition defending human rights and promoting humane alternatives for mental and emotional well being. It keeps up-to-date with anti-psychiatry news and is an extensive resource for information on the abuses from and within the mental health system. This site chronicles the proven, successful treatment and rehabilitation of the “severe
mentally ill” in a humane, non-hospital setting without the use of drugs, surgery or ECT. Soteria research has shown that the excessive, destructive psychiatric drugging of young people is a huge and tragic mistake.

Richard Cohen Films/Hurry Tomorrow This film, Hurry Tomorrow, was filmed over a six week period in a locked ward at Metropolitan State Hospital in Los Angeles and it documents the loss of human rights and
the abuse suffered by psychiatric patients in a state mental hospital. The film prompted an investigation that revealed the tragic deaths of several hundred

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